Ravynwyng Chronicles Universe Volume 1 — Chapter 5

Chapter 5

The others remained silent during the exchange. Lyta hurried over, followed by Jennie and Nicole.

Lyta glared at Brandon. “When I invited you, you were warned not to bother Ravyn.” She grabbed his arm and hauled him away from the others. “I’m reporting you to the chief in the morning. You know damn well Ravyn wasn’t responsible for what happened!”

“You’re going to tell the chief?” He paled.

“Threatening a victim of a vicious crime isn’t tolerated in the department. I suggest you let Artie drive you home.” Lyta released his arm and walked away.

“Stupid bitches! The lot of you should be shot for what you are!” Brandon lunged. Before he touched her, Lyta spun and kicked him in the gut. He fell to his knee, gasping. “I will report this to the chief!”

“Go ahead and report it, Mills. Not one cop here will speak in your defense.” Sergeant Reggie Mendin walked over. “You were warned time and again to keep your damn mouth shut about your brother, but you never learn.” He ran his fingers through his hair. “Artie, get this sorry excuse of a cop out of here before I pound him into mincemeat.”

Artie walked over. “Come on, Brand, it’s time to leave.” He helped him stand.

Out front, Mills threw up on the sidewalk. “God damn them! Hope they all rot in hell!” He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. “Take me home, Art. I’m not feeling so good.”

“No surprise there. Sometimes wonder why I put up with you.”


Jennie kept an eye on the rear view mirror. Ravyn turned to her, a slight smile on her face. “Are we being followed?”

She chuckled as she braked at the stop sign. “Nope. Not a soul around.”

“Good. It was probably my imagination.” She rubbed her shoulder. “That bastard has a strong grip.”

Jennie unlocked the back door and they entered the house. Ravyn punched in the code for the alarm.

“Do you plan to sleep right away?” Ravyn put an arm around Jennie’s waist and slipped a hand under her shirt.

“I think I can stay awake for a while. What do you have in mind?”

They entered the bedroom and Ravyn wrapped her arms around Jennie. “Something like making passionate love to you,” her voice low and husky.

Going to the bed, Jennie sat and pulled Ravyn down with her. The kiss she gave her wife left them breathless and eager. Pieces of clothing fell to the floor. In each other’s arms the worries, fears, and uncertainty of the day disappeared.

Sometime later, Ravyn lay with her head resting on Jennie’s chest, close to sleep. Jennie stroked Ravyn’s hair, enjoying the great satisfaction and contentment that filled her. “Ravyn?”


“Rob and Sherry are opening the store tomorrow morning.”

Ravyn met her eyes and smiled. “We have such great employees. I should give them a raise.” They embraced and their passion rose again.

“Good idea, love,” Jennie murmured.


A raven with a silver glow flew about, trailing runes in its wake; an echoing voice spoke into the surrounding darkness.

‘Ravyn, you must wear the ring you received. Without it, the two of us cannot talk. The Order of the Shadow Dagger is on the move and you are in danger! You must carry on the work of those who have gone before you.’

Ravyn glared at the bird as it circled overhead. ‘Why should I do what you say?’

‘Lives depend on your actions, Ravyn,’ came the reply. ‘If the others get the second disk, the darkness will rise, bringing great misery and pain to many.’

The strange runes glowed in the air while the map wavered in and out of view.

‘Who are you?’ Ravyn tried to grab the map, but it floated out of reach.

‘I am a friend, Ravyn. Please, put on the raven ring, it’s important. You also need to find the people your parents worked with. Those of us in service to the Lady stand against the Shadows. You need all the disks to reclaim what is rightfully yours by birth.’ The voice faded, along with the runes. ‘The letter you received with the page covered in runes needs to be deciphered. Translate the runes, read the journals, find the disk. Find those who knew your parents. Don’t delay, Ravyn Wyng.’ The raven, runes, and map faded, leaving her in darkness.

‘Come back! Don’t go! I don’t understand! Please, don’t leave me!’ Ravyn shouted out in her sleep.

Ravyn’s shout woke Jennie. In the dimness of the night-light, she found Ravyn tossing and turning, saying ‘Please, don’t leave me!’ over and over. Jennie shook her. “Ravyn, wake up!” Ravyn bolted upright; sweat streaming down her face.


“Right here, love. It’s all right.” She rubbed her back. “Everything will be fine.”

“I understood the voice!” she said. “It said I have to read the journals and find the disk!”

“All right, we’ll work on it together.” Jennie had an idea. She turned on the nightstand light and grabbed a notebook and pen. “Here, write everything you remember of the dream.”

With a hand that trembled Ravyn wrote down the dream. Finished, she lay back exhausted. Jennie took the items and set them back on the table before she turned out the light. She gathered Ravyn in her arms and held her close until she fell asleep.

For Jennie, sleep took a while longer. “I have a bad feeling about this, my love,” she quietly said. “I wish those items had never come into your possession.”

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The 2018 Interview Series featuring Staci Troilo

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This week, I am very pleased to feature an interview with author and blogger Staci Troilo. Staci is a very supportive blogger and an excellent author. I hope you enjoy learning more about her…

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What Authors Need to Know About SEO

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Lately I’ve had people reach out to me saying, “I’ve been told I need to pay someone to help me with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Can you help me with that? If not, do you have someone you could recommend?” Well I don’t really “do SEO,” but I am happy to help any website get better search rankings for free. It’s not as complicated as you might think:

  1. Use a website platform that handles Search Engine Optimization for you automatically (like Squarespace) and submit the website domain to Google and Bing for them to crawl and index.
  2. Use your website to share a steady and consistent stream of great content that naturally uses keywords in the content itself that people would use to find you.
  3. Create and schedule a steady and consistent stream of compelling social media posts that link to your…

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Dialogue tags and ‘show, not tell’ #WriterWednesday #AuthorToolBoxHop #AmWriting #WritingTips

D.E. Haggerty

show not tellShow, not tell. The advice is the bane of every writer’s existence. Of course, we want to show you our story and not tell it. But how? For me this is especially difficult with dialogue. Dialogue tags are my personal nemesis, and my novels are dialogue-driven. Eek! He said, she said sounds horrible (not to mention boring!) to me. On the other hand, writing ‘he grunted with annoyance’ or some such drivel doesn’t sound great either. So, what’s the solution?

I’ve combined the ‘show, not tell’ with the ‘don’t overuse dialogue tags’ advice to come up with a strategy. Instead of indicating who is speaking and the manner in which they speak (grunting, whispering, etc.), I now try to show what the speaker or listener is feeling. Please note: Like all good advice, this shouldn’t be overused. Otherwise, your dialogue will be difficult to find between all the information about…

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You Are Not Alone!


You Are Not Alone!

 Writing is a lonely craft. You spend more time with your computer than with your friends or family. ‘Sorry, can’t go out tonight, need to finish writing the current chapter.’ You lock yourself away in your writing cave, or a corner of a room and tap away at the keyboard. This is fine, for the most part, but you need to interact with other writers. There are many groups to be found on Facebook, some good, some not so good. When you find a good group to join, respect the rules posted and respect the other group members. Drama is the last thing anything anyone wants to see. We have enough of that in our stories. Another thing to remember, group members are giving their time to read and comment on what you posted. Time they could use for their own writing and editing. Be polite and thank them for the time they give you. Don’t get into a heated debate about the comments they made.

In 2013, when I dove head first into writing again, I came across a group on Facebook  called Writers World. This group is run by Randall Andrews, a remarkable man and an excellent teacher. WW is for writers to learn the rules of writing. Yes, there are rules. The rules give our story structure, we flesh out the structure with dialogue, action, conflict, and everything else that makes a story a joy to read. The purpose of the group is to help writers learn the rules and apply them to their writing. One of the great things about this group: No Solicitation of your published work is allowed. No links to your work. If you want an excerpt critiques, you post it in a thread. Keep it to 500 word chunks. A lot of people post here, wanting comments and help.

When you join a group like this, don’t expect them to hold back on the comments and suggestions. They are trying to help you; pointing out when passive voice is used, or too many adverbs. They let you know when you’re over describing something. All the advice will help to make your story flow for the reader. The more you follow the advice they give, when you next write something, you have less editing to do. Which is always a good thing.

For quite a while I lurked in the background, making occasional comments on various posts. I was too nervous to actually critique anything. That has changed. I’m not afraid to make suggestions for changing the wording of a sentence, or suggest when something should be cut altogether. I am polite when making the suggestions, and if the piece is interesting, I tell them. I will also tell them if I don’t understand who is saying or doing what and why.

Occasionally you get a few members who, for some unknown reason decide not to accept your advice, particularly when it has to do with the rules of writing. Don’t argue about the rules of writing! They’ve been around for a long time and any writer who has half a brain will follow the rules. Arguing with someone who is more knowledgeable than you, makes you look like a fool. By arguing, the only thing you accomplish is alienating the rest of the members, then no one will read what you post.

Belonging to a group with helpful people allows you to bounce ideas off them, to see if what you are attempting makes sense. Maybe you are trying to write a new opening sentence for your story,  but aren’t sure you hooked the reader. Post it so the others can read it. Learn from their comments and suggestions. When you receive advice, save it in a document for future reference.

If you write in a specific genre, groups exist for that as well. I belong to Fantasy Writers, since that’s one of the genres I’m writing in. Do a search on FB to find what suits you. By connecting with other writers, you discover you are not alone. There are many others out there looking to connect with like-minded people. Remember to be polite, and leave the drama at the door.

May the words ever flow!

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Writing Quotes — Richard Bach


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