How to Start a Blog: A Step-by-Step Guide for Writers – From The Write Life Blog

Author Don Massenzio

How to Start a Blog: A Step-by-Step Guide for Writers

So you want to start a blog?

If you’re a writer, it makes perfect sense: You can use a blog to serve as your author platform, market your book or find new freelance writing clients.

But where do you begin? Though you’ve got the writing part down, the rest of the process can be overwhelming. Hosting, themes and all that other techy stuff can stand in your way for years.

Well, today is the day that ends. We’re here to help you navigate every step of starting a blog, from choosing your domain name to publishing your first post.

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Writing The Mystery Short Story [Mystery Month]

Rachel Poli

Writing a mystery is hard, but writing a mystery short story is even harder. Mysteries can take a lot out of you – between the crime taking place, the long investigation process, and so on. It easier to pack that into a longer novel than it is to jam into a short story.

Still, it’s a pretty good feat if you’re able to jam all that information into a short story.

But how do you make sure you don’t leave out any important information? How do you make sure you don’t make the story go too fast?

Writing the Mystery Short Story | Creative Writing | Flash Fiction | Mystery Writing |

Every story is written in the same general way. The exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and finally the resolution. Writing a short story is no different than that, it’s just condensed.

So, how do you go about trying to condense it all?

1. Find the problem
2. Access the problem
3. Figure…

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There’s a Million Different Voices*

Confessions of a Mystery Novelist...

Authors of series use several strategies to keep their series interesting over time. One strategy some authors use is to have different protagonists within the same series. It can be a challenge to balance those different protagonists’ voices with the need for a consistent context for the series. Some authors, though, have done it quite successfully.

Tana French’s Dublin Murder Squad series makes use of several protagonists’ voices, and that makes sense, as the Garda Síochána’s Murder Squad is a team of people. The first novel, In The Woods, features Rob Ryan. That novel also includes Cassie Maddox, although she plays a less central role. But she takes the ‘starring’ role in the next novel, The Likeness. And, as different members join the squad and leave it, different characters are featured in the novels. And that’s realistic, as in real life, people do join units, transfer, and so…

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Learn How To Start Your Own Online Magazine For Not Much – From the Just Publishing Advice Blog

Author Don Massenzio

Start Your Own Online Magazine

The printed magazine is being replaced more and more by new digital magazines

Before the Internet, publishing tycoons and newspaper publishers dominated the magazine industry. Now though, the number of print magazines published is in decline.

Times have changed, and today it’s a more level playing field. Anyone can become a publisher and try to launch a successful online magazine.

If you have a dream to run an online magazine, there is nothing to stop you. But before you start, you should think about it as starting a business and do some research and planning before you jump into it.

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Not Using Email Marketing? Just Follow These Steps – From the Social Media Just for Writers B.

Author Don Massenzio

Not Using Email Marketing? Just Follow These StepsIf you aren’t using email marketing, you may want to rethink your book marketing strategy.

We know that social media is all the rage – and rightly so – but email marketing, according to Kissmetrics“crushes” social media.

Here are their findings:

  1. There are nearly three times as many user accounts for email as there are on Facebook and Twitter combined.
  2. Email is more personal. You can reach people right in their email inboxes and craft messages just for your readers.
  3. Email gets more attention, and the messages are more targeted.
  4. You can use your email marketing messages to sell books, services, and other products.

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A Smarter Author Platform for the Digital Era of Publishing

How To Ebook

A Smarter Author Platform for the Digital Era of Publishing

Please welcome former WU contributor Jane Friedman back to WU today! Jane has 20 years of experience in the publishing industry, with expertise in business strategy for authors and publishers. She’s the co-founder (with WU’s Porter Anderson) of The Hot Sheet, the essential industry newsletter for authors, and has previously worked for F+W Media (home to Writer’s Digest) and the Virginia Quarterly Review.

Jane’s newest book is The Business of Being a Writer (University of Chicago Press); Publishers Weekly wrote that it is “destined to become a staple reference book for writers and those interested in publishing careers.”

In addition to being a professor with The Great Courses, Jane has delivered keynotes and workshops on the digital era of authorship at worldwide industry events, including the Writer’s Digest annual conference, San Miguel Writers Conference, The Muse & The Marketplace…

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How to Write 12 Books in 6 Months to Grow Sales & Populate a Backlist #motownwriters

Motown Writers Network . . . Michigan Literary Network

How to Write 12 Books in 6 Months to Grow Sales & Populate a BacklistThanks to the rise of binge-reading and binge-watching behavior, today’s readers often plow through an entire book series quickly. I’m a binge-and-repeat reader myself — I will glom onto a series from start to finish, only to repeat the process months later with the same books. Ditto for television.

According to Dominique Sandis, Children’s and YA Acquisitions Editor at Psichogios Publications, “Market research has shown that young adults and adults go out and buy all the books of a series all at once rather than gradually. In this way, if a publisher has published a series all together, like Divergent/Insurgent/Allegiant, then you may well have better sales than if you publish the first title now and then follow on with the second book in the series a year or more later.”

That, I thought, was what I wanted to do to make money and…

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