The 2018 Author Interview Series Featuring Gwen Plano and John Howell

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It’s time for the next subject for my 2018 author interview series. Author interviews are posted every Friday throughout the year. This week is a two for one special. I’m happy to be interviewing…

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How to Build a Landing Page that Markets you as an Author

Nicholas C. Rossis

Ted | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's bookThis is a guest post and infographic by Ted of iceCube Marketing, a digital marketing agency in Singapore that helps local small businesses acquire leads from channels such as Facebook and Google. It offers a wonderful examination of what a successful author home page may consist of and can even serve as a great checklist for you when you design a new one or update yours.

How to Build a Landing Page that Markets you as an Author


The title of your landing page is important. It serves as a hook to grab visitors’ attention. It also gives them a reason to look deeper into your website. The title of your landing page may or may not be the same as that of a book. Either, have a title that is benefit-driven and arouses curiosity.

Your First Impression

The first thing visitors should see is an image. The image…

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How To Survive Discovering Your Story Idea Has Been Written Before #Writers #AmWriting


You have an amazing new idea for a book.

It wakes you up in the small hours. Your excitement bubbles over. You frantically haul yourself up into a sitting position, gulp down a glass of water and start to tell your unconscious loved one all about your idea, speaking very fast and not taking a breath.

They don’t share your enthusiasm and mutter some stuff about your mental state, yesterday’s sugar consumption and that half bottle of red you consumed in Writing Corner.

Every time you think of your idea you get a delicious rush of literary happiness and struggle to stop using tweet hashtags such as #amazingnewbookidea and #neverbeendonebefore

It’s great to think that you came up with such a powerful and totally unique  idea. 

You throw yourself into your story and set to work writing this literary masterpiece. Days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months.

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How To Deal With An Author Publishing A Novel Similar to Yours


There I was beavering away on book three when I discovered that a well-known author might be about to publish a novel with the same central concept as mine. I had logged onto the early reviews and a reader had mentioned the words, ‘a mother with a secret.’ Oh, Christ, I thought, and so began my two-day long endurance until the book came out.

I bought it and read in a frenzy that ripped the pages and wrecked the spine. Huh – take that, stupid book! Reader, it was all I could do not to stamp on the thing, because what stared up at me was virtually the same book as mine. It even had an almost identical opening scene.

It felt as if there was a brick in my stomach. I was 50,000 words into my first draft, for goodness sake. It was possibly one of the worst first…

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Book promotions worth your time and trouble, and some which are not (IMHO).

Stevie Turner

Let’s start with the good news.  In my opinion here are a few marketing ideas / promotions which might help your book to sell better:

1.  BookBub promotions:

Yes they are expensive, but most authors who get accepted do notice a rise in their book’s ranking.  The trick is to get accepted in the first place – I’m still trying!

2.  Guest posting on more popular blogs:

Check out the more popular blogs that accept guest posts and write some good content.  Your own blog’s site will feature all your books somewhere on the side bars I expect, so there’s no need to keep mentioning them.

3.  Winning a reputable writing competition:

You can gain some kudos by doing this, and thereby win followers who will check out your books because they are interested.

4.  Give one book away free on Draft2Digital:

If one book is free on Draft2Digital it then becomes free on many popular…

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You Will Rewrite. It Will Be Painful. It Will Be Worth It.

Novelty Revisions

Everyone absolutely despises at least one part of the writing process.

For some, it’s coming up with (and starting to work on) a “good” idea. For others, it’s actually finishing a writing project.

And for many — myself included — the most dreaded part of writing might actually be the most important: Rewriting.

Rewriting and editing are closely connected, but vastly different. Editing involves polishing and perfecting what you’ve already written and (hopefully) decided to keep. But you can’t really do that until you’re sure — as sure as you can be — that the text on those virtual pages is phrased and arranged the way you want.

And if you decide it isn’t … well. Then you have to do it over.

Maybe only a few sentences or pages. Maybe the whole thing.

Which is terrifying. Because … look at all the work you already did. Let’s say you…

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10 Helpful Writing Tips

DSM Publications

readTip 1: Read more than you write.

I’ve published other posts about the importance of reading. In order to learn the craft of writing, you need to study those that have mastered it before you and add to the body of work. This makes sense if you think of it in the context of other disciplines. If you aspire to be a surgeon, I would hope you would want to read about and observe many surgeries before attempting one yourself.

observeTip 2: Observe life around you for character ideas

As you may know, I travel around the U.S. quite a bit. It is a great opportunity for me to people watch. Many of the characters in my books are composites of people that I’ve observed or interacted with. If you see a nerdy looking guy jotting down notes in a tiny notebook at the airport or on the rental car bus…

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