Writing a Novel – The Four Steps I Use

Author Don Massenzio

Here is a throwback to a post that may be helpful to those of you writing your first novel.

I am on the verge of publishing novels seven and eight of my writing career. I wouldn’t say that I’m anything close to being an expert, but I decided to use my Hurricane Irma downtime to look back on the books I’ve written and the process that I followed.

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My Better Half

Writers Envy

An attempt at light, airy lyrics. Hum it to any tune you please, then let me know if it makes you smile 🙂

I was passing the bodega
When you saw me in your glass
You smiled without turning
And I skipped a little dance
You pretended not to notice
But you still laughed anyway
And I made myself a promise
To pass there every day

In the hope that I would see you smile
In the hope I’d hear your laugh
It’s the hope of one of two of us
That you’ll be my better half

When I find myself alone
I look around for you
I peek around the corners
For the slightest glimpse of you
Although I never see you
I catch the faintest scent
The perfume that you’re wearing
Just makes my poor heart sweat

In the hope that I will see you smile
In the…

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Character Profile – Frank Rozzani

This gallery contains 7 photos.

Originally posted on Author Don Massenzio:
This is the first in a series of posts that I decided to put together to introduce the main characters from some of my work. I hope you enjoy this feature and that it…

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When Breath Was a Whisper

Writers Envy

In the middle of the beginning of the days of my youth
I found you
In the moments of the hours of my days when time didn’t matter
You took me
In the space between the time when caught breath was a whisper
I came alive

Just a sigh
Just a cry
Just a why
Is all I have of you

Nothing mattered then for death was far and far away
At the end of the end of the days of my life with you
Before the end was all I had and all I had was you till then
Who thinks about the end when the end of you and me will never be?

Just a sigh
Just a cry
Just a why
Is all you left me

In the time before the time when God said let there be light
There was you
In the ages before the…

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Organizing Your Blogging Ideas

Author Don Massenzio

Balancing my work/writing/blogging schedule is a delicate process. I thought it might be useful for some of you to give you some insight into how I organize my blogging topics and try to plan and schedule ahead of time.

Here are some of the steps I use to organize my blog each day and try to post in an uninterrupted fashion.


  • Lay out a consistent schedule for each week – I try to have consistent blogging topics associated with each day of the week. I have adjusted this over time, but here is my current daily category list:
    • Monday – Author interview – currently running my Perfect 10 series.
    • Tuesday/ Wednesday/ Thursday – Author tip/ writing topic
    • Friday  – Humor – currently running a ‘National Days’ series
    • Saturday – Short Story
    • Sunday – Indie Publishing News recap for the week

I’m thinking about shaking up the Tuesday-Thursday categories as three…

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A Big Thank You – Only 3 Days Left

Author Don Massenzio


My book, Blood Match, is in the home stretch in the Kindle Scout program and I’m pleased to see that, with three days left, it’s on the hot list.

I really appreciate the support of this blogging community and everyone that voted and signed up for my Thunderclap effort.

Being on the hot list doesn’t guarantee selection by Amazon, but it doesn’t hurt.

If you haven’t had a chance to vote, or you are considering voting for my book, you can get to the Kindle Scout campaign HERE.

The campaign ends this coming Friday. I won’t know the results for at least a couple of weeks after that, I believe. No matter the outcome, this has been a great experience.



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Mornings, A Halloween Tale

Writers Envy

Your heart is a sheet of cold, thin ice;
Spider cracks zigzag among open veins;
Eggshells scatter before my footsteps;
On my toes, I step between the cracks and crush the eggshells with my heels.

I peel away onionskin layers of you;
Vaporous particles explode into my eyes;
They stick to fingers and leave them numb;
With steel razor taut in my fist, I scrape the flecks of you away.

Stubborn remnants resist the rusty blade;
I ignore the flowing, spreading pool;
Pieces of you flail screaming in the crimson fluid;
The nightmare of our union fills my pounding head with boiling blood.

Tentacles of you die, then regenerate;
Lashing out, they wrap around my limbs;
I am helpless, tight-bound in your suction grip;
In the mirror, my reflection; I lather and shave the stubble away.

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