As an Author, Are You a Good Audience Member?

Author Don Massenzio

When I studied music, many of my classes centered around analyzing music that has already been written and deconstructing and critiquing it. I blame these classes for my inability to listen to music solely for enjoyment. I have to either be participating in it or critiquing it.

Do you do this with your storytelling? Can you read a book or enjoy a movie without looking for aspects of the story that could have been improved?

I’ll speak for myself. I still enjoy movies and books. Since I began writing, however, I do view them differently. I look for things that I can improve in my own work. I look for techniques and trends. Mostly, I try to take off the writer hat and enjoy the experience.

It’s interesting to look to notable authors to see what they enjoy reading. It is well known that Stephen King is a fan of…

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WITS Throwdown: Putting the “Social” in Social Media – From the Writers in the Storm Blog

Author Don Massenzio

The real title of this post is How To Put the Social in Social Media Without Losing Your Mind or All Your Free Time.

That’s a heavy promise, right? Social media does like to suck up valuable family time, writing time, down time. If you think about it as a big vaccuum that gives nothing back, you WILL be resistant to this whole “online social thing.”

This post is about how pick your online locations carefully and develop habits that help fit social media into the life you actually have. It’s about how to make connections during the time you choose to spend online. And of course, I share what I do to keep my love alive. <lol>

We’ve had two posts in this throwdown already. One from Fae, who pretty much detests it. One from Julie, who has found the one place in social media that 

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Writing a Book – a Legacy for Your Children

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It’s no surprise that my love of reading as a child has turned into a love of writing. My one regret is that I waited so long to become an author. I feel like…

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The Time is Now – Become a Published Author

Author Don Massenzio


Yes, It’s time for my soapbox. You may be going through the classic struggle trying to decide whether to self-publish or wait for traditional publishing possibilities.

There are many pros and cons to each and I’ve gone through many of those in previous posts. For me, the obvious choice was self-publishing. When I triangulated my age with my available time and my tolerance for rejection, it was the smart option for me.

It’s up to you do decide which path you want to take, but I want to let you know that there has never been a better time to be an independently published author. There are so many tools and favorable platforms that, when you choose the indie author path, it is a fairly straightforward route to navigate.

Is it easy? Not at all. You will expend the same amount of energy (if not more) than you would have creating…

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Tattoos – A Poem

Writers Envy

hula girl

I tried to take rubbings of his tattoos-the hula girl,
the palm trees, the sailing ship,  the crossed cannons,
the anchor. The hula girl danced for me when he flexed
his forearm. He never told me where he’d got them.

He was in the war when he was eighteen, and he was an
old man when he came home at twenty. His ships pulled
into ports where Sailors got drunk and happy. War made
men do things, then let them try and forget.

After the war ended he tried to find his way but never
quite found his footing. He raised a family and visited
his folks, and he smiled sometimes and told the few jokes
he knew that made people laugh. He worked hard.

The hula girl stopped dancing one day. I tried to take
rubbings of his tattoos but there was nothing to stick to
paper. He never…

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Are You a Prolific Author?

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When you think of prolific authors, who comes to mind. I immediately thought of Stephen King, Dean Koontz and James Patterson. In reality, these authors are small fries when it comes to being prolific.…

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Synopsis Writing: A Step By Step Method

Uninspired Writers

Morning writers, I hope you’ve had a lovely week.

A couple of weeks ago I started writing a synopsis based on the early draft of my second novel. Like many writers, I find synopsis writing tedious, difficult and frustrating. However, they are a necessary evil, published or unpublished.

The method I ended up using this time round actually made the process much easier, and I did it in steps. Please note this is by no means a tried and tested method, with no guarantee that it’ll work for you. But it worked well for me, so I thought I’d share. If you have any synopsis writing tips of your own please pop them in the comments below, as I’m always keen on new ideas and advice.

1. Write a bullet list of key points
In this first step it’s important not to think too hard. Write a list of the…

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