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No Trespassing

No Trespassing A loud splash interrupted the checker game between Frank and Ben. A creature covered in grayish green scales raised its head from the water, and a plaintive cry filled the air. “Looks like Bessie is wanting dinner,” Frank … Continue reading

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Questions for Beta Readers

Questions for Beta Readers What is a Beta Reader? The short answer is someone who evaluates your story. Long answer; they give you feedback on your story. They are like beta testers for software, looking for bugs and problems. A … Continue reading

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Writing Quotes — Elmore Leonard

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Your First Novel – An Accomplishment and a Valuable Tool

Originally posted on Author Don Massenzio:
I remember that feeling when I finished my first novel. It was a mix of emotions. I was excited, nervous, anxious and curious simultaneously. Would people read my book? If they read it, would…

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Amazon’s Latest Crackdowns: Do they Include Amazon Review Trolls?

Originally posted on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog:
by Anne R. Allen Amazon periodically cracks down on users who have been abusing their customer review and ranking systems. Most of us are happy when the giant retailer takes…

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A Wished-For Love, Second Beta Review

Originally posted on Writers Envy:
I can’t count the times I’ve been asked by a writer to provide “an honest” critique or review of his work. Invariably, I think to myself, “What? I’m going to give you a dishonest review?…

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My Little Story

Originally posted on Writers Envy:
I feel so much satisfaction watching the word count grow in the little story flowing from my pen. This joyful enterprise, this crafting of a universe built from memories of a lifetime. This imaginary world…

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