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How To Show Your Character’s Backstory [Character Development]

Rachel Poli This month we’ve talked a lot about what shapes a character and what makes our characters great characters who stand out. We’ve talked about different ways to develop our characters in many different ways. One great way to … Continue reading

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Can’t Find Your Voice? Here’s How to Write Shamelessly

Originally posted on Novelty Revisions:
Are you terrified of letting other people read your work? Especially when you’ve let yourself write “whatever” just to get over being afraid of it? The bigger your audience gets, the more important it is…

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Tampa Boy’s First Job

Originally posted on Writers Envy:
When I was twelve or so, Dad told me to get off my derrière and earn some money. So, I started pushing the lawn mower around the neighborhood. Thankfully, since we had a corner lot,…

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Self-PUblishing Tip — 7

Formatting Your Ebook I get so tired of reading ebooks that are poorly formatted. Next to glaring errors in the book itself, bad formatting is another reason for me to stop reading. Even if the story is great, bad formatting … Continue reading

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Writing Quotes — Stephen King

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Black Dogs: A Guide On Select Mercenaries (Real and Fictional) Throughout History

Originally posted on Nicholas C. Rossis:
Al-Bawk the Undying This is a guest post by Allan Bishop, a mid-twenty-something writing hack, and yuppie professional somewhere in the Greater Boston area. He laments the passing of bacon, enjoys long walks on…

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Spin Your Marketing: The Hub & Spokes Approach

Originally posted on Story Empire:
Lately, I’ve been taking a different approach to blogging. The whole activity got stale and I felt like I was getting nowhere with it – much like my social media. I needed a change, a…

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