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How to Price Your E-Book for More Consistent Sales

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6 Author Marketing Experts, Inc. by Penny Sansevieri How do you price your e-Book to maximize on sales potential? I get this question all the time. Sadly there’s no silver bullet book marketing strategy that will…

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Critiquing: Giving and Getting the Gold

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? by Josh Langston ? So, what goes into a critique? What is it that makes it useful, or not? For openers, try to be positive. That doesn’t mean sugar-coating. It means finding…

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This Week in Indie Publishing

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Here’s How Digital Self-Publishing Has Changed Over The Last 3 Years David Gaughran

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My2Cents ~ Staging

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What is Staging? – Simply put giving Stage Directions to your character movements. Too many descriptive movements will bog your writing and slow the pace. Yes, you need to describe movement, but not each…

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Writing Quotes — Elmore Leonard

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Writing Tip — 19

Don’t be afraid to write outside of your comfort zone. If you normally write romance or mysteries, give horror or paranormal a try. Maybe steampunk. This allows you to explore new ideas  and characters. Who knows where it might take … Continue reading

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