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The Door

The Door Lendra stumbled down the path, gasping, hand pressed tight at her side, stemming the flow of blood. A distant shout spurred her on, sweat streaming down her face. “It has to be around here somewhere!” she whimpered, sensing … Continue reading

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Writing Tips — 1

When starting your story, do not obsess about the opening. Yes, I know hooking the reader is very important, but getting the story written first should be your top priority. Once the first draft is complete, then go back and rework … Continue reading

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Writing Quotes — William Strunk, Jr

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Should Authors Invest In Book Marketing Or Book Publicity?

Originally posted on Motown Writers Network . . . Michigan Literary Network:
To be clear, the question really is not should an author an author invest in either book marketing or book publicity, but rather, how much of each? Book marketing covers sales…

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Should Your Story Have a Happy Ending? – From the Writers in the Storm Blog

Originally posted on Author Don Massenzio:
By Guest Blogger James Preston Once upon a time my wife and were doing our second-favorite thing, sitting up late at night reading. Suddenly she yelled something like ARRGH or UGH and threw the…

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Size Matters: What do you look for in size?

Originally posted on Story Empire:
Hello SErs! Harmony here. Happy Monday! Well, with yesterday being both April Fool’s day and Easter Sunday, I took care when biting into my Easter Eggs, lols! 🙂 You just never know … Okay, so,…

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Mystery Mondays: Elena Hartwell on Research and the Fiction Writer

Originally posted on KRISTINA STANLEY:
Today on Mystery Mondays we host Elena Hartwell, three time mystery author. I met Elena through the ITW (International Thriller Writers), an organization run by Lee Child. Her latest book Three Strikes, You’re Dead came out yesterday.…

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