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Author Don Massenzio

art17 Ways Self-Publishing Can Make You 6 Figures

Over the past few years, several individuals have told me effectively the same thing: “Books are business cards on steroids.” When I published my first book in 2016, I found out what they meant. I’d suddenly and dramatically increased my credibility, and I was invited to speak at events (and get paid for it). Even better, I generated more leads for my business interests.

There’s nothing quite like walking into a sales meeting and giving the client a book you wrote — especially when it’s relevant to the work you’re pitching. And few things says “expert” quite like publishing a book on the topic you focus on in your professional life.

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art2Self-Publishing ISBNs Climbed 8% Between 2015-2016

Since 2011, International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs) for self-published titles have climbed 218.33%, according to the latest report from ProQuest affiliate…

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Short Story Saturday – No Pain, No Gain – Part 7

Author Don Massenzio

This story is proving to be a lot of fun to write. I hope you’re enjoying reading it as well. This week, things are happening. I’m excited about the direction this is taking.

You can catch up with the first four parts of this story here:

Please enjoy No Pain, No Gain – Part 7

weight Joyce shook the cobwebs from her mind. She must have drifted off to sleep as she waited for someone to come to her cell door. She had no idea what time it was or how long she had slept. Here muscles felt stiff, but it was somehow a good feeling. She felt stronger and all she could think about was using those muscles to tear something apart. The rage that started as a small seed inside of her was taking root. She wasn’t…

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My Restless Host

Writers Envy

The rain is come, the day is drear,
I must be dreaming of you dear;
It’s days like this, I treasure most,
Floating echoes of my restless host.

When we met, I found my muse,
Sheltered by whispered I love you’s;
Shrinking from, the spilling clouds,
I pulled you from the phobic crowds.

Purposeless, and aimless thought
In my arms your love is caught;
Your heart beats fast, for me I think
Cold empty stare, your eyes don’t blink.

The vicissitudes of your love can’t
Change the way your heat burns me;
The melancholies of your heart
Encourage me to set you free.

Wind breathes gentle, across my neck
Your lips are soft, but derelict;
Your mind is lost, among the stars
I wonder just how far you are.

You’re afraid, to bare your soul
Expose your heart, your love unfold;
I miss you love, despite the fear,
I can’t…

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As a Writer, What Inspires You?

Author Don Massenzio


How many of you can relate to the sentiment in this graphic? Do you wake up every morning excited about writing? Is writing a natural part of your life?

If so, what inspires you to embrace this obsession? The purpose of this post is to attempt to determine the things that drive us to write and to not give up. Many of us our independent authors (I prefer this term over self-published). We outsource our publishing to platforms like Amazon, CreateSpace and others. We use cover designers and editors just as a traditional publisher would or perform these services on our own.

Why do we do this without a guarantee that anyone will read our work? Here are some of my reasons.

GoalWriting has been a lifelong goal Since my childhood I have been enthralled with books. I read everything I could get my hands on and wrote…

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A (Typical?) Day in the Life of an Indie Author

Author Don Massenzio

As many of you know, Indie Authors often have day jobs that they use to sustain their writing habits. In the past four years, I have written 9 books (published 8 with 2 on the way) all with working in a job where I travel 45 weeks per year and work an average of 10-12 hours per day.

Because of my job, there isn’t a typical day, but there is often a typical type of day, so I thought I would map that out for you.

Flying Woes 1, Linda Braucht (20th Century/American), Computer GraphicsMonday (Travel Day)

On Mondays, I’m typically up at about 4-4:30 AM for the 42 mile trip from my house to the airport. It’s a long boring ride, but luckily I have a great driver. My wife and I only own one car, so I ride in a vintage Lincoln Continental that is in mint condition. My driver’s name is James and he and…

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Beginnings – How do famous writers stack up?

Author Don Massenzio

nabakovThis is another post based on the book, Nabokov’s Favorite Word is Mauve, by Ben Blatt, a book that looks at writing in a way that appeals to numbers geeks like myself as it looks for patterns and quantification of the books that we read and write.

So far, I’ve posted tidbits about his analysis of adverbsexclamation pointsgender identification in writingwriters following their own advicesimplicity in writing,  US vs. UK writing styles, author name size on book covers, and book length.

This post focuses on the parts of a book that are, arguably, the most important, beginnings and endings.

Blatt starts his analysis with opening lines. In fact, he looks at what is probably the most famous opening line from a book, “Call me Ishmael”, from Moby Dick. These words are easily identifiable and powerful in the…

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On Editing

Writers Envy

Admit it, you love to edit, don’t you? I can see you now as you read through your printed manuscript, coffee cup in one hand, yummy croissant in the other, eyes whizzing left to right as you enter the world of magic you pulled from your storyteller’s mind. Raindrops catch your attention as they patter against the window and merge into a sheet of water that changes shape and distorts the view. You stare as in a daydream for a moment before you snap out of it, sip your coffee, and continue reading. We’re warm and comfortable behind our desks as we turn the first page. I’m right there with you reading my own manuscript.

The words slip by as your story unfolds and your characters speak. Don’t you love the feeling of pride when your dialogue sparkles? My heart skips a beat when my character, Sasi, speaks. I’ve fallen…

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